July 2023 Update

Thank you everyone for your interest and support in the Airport Tennis club.

The good news is that the club is definitely going forward.  Nothing has changed in this regard.

The bad news is that we will not be able to open in Oct 2023.  

We have been working and pushing as hard as possible, however due to a number of factors outside of our control (mostly related to government approvals), there just is no reasonable way that the club will be able to complete construction in 2023.

The support and membership purchases have been tremendous.  We are well on our way to selling out the membership!  A huge thank-you to the Toronto tennis and pickleball community for your interest and support.

For everyone that purchased memberships you have two options:

1) Please email us if you would like full refund.  You will be able to repurchase in 2024 if you would like a membership for next year.  Given how many memberships were purchased so far, we do expect to sell out before opening next year, so you may be better off just maintaining your spot for next year.  It is entirely up to you.

2) If you would like to maintain your spot, then no action is required.  Your membership purchase will maintain your spot for next year.

We will be sending you updates as they happen over the next few months and into 2024.

For those interested, here is some more detailed information on progress:

1) The layout of the club has changed somewhat.  We will now have 7 tennis courts and 8 pickleball courts.

2) The clubhouse will be a separate building.  The fire safety considerations of having a permanent clubhouse building inside the bubble dome is extremely problematic under the Ontario Building Code.

3) We are aiming for a permanent bubble facility however we are in on-going negotiations to determine if it will be possible to keep the bubble up year round.  The main consideration is related to City of Mississauga "Development Charges" (which are expensive!).  Depending on those negotiations we may have to take the bubble down for the summer months and put it up for the winter tennis season.  Our main focus is on the winter tennis season, so this is ok either way.

4) The facility plans are all finalized and approved by the necessary parties.  This includes a significant amount of review given the proximity to Pearson airport.

5) We have partnered with Tennis Clubs of Canada.  TCC runs 6 other clubs in the GTA.  We are excited about this partnership.  It will provide a high level of operational expertise to Airport Tennis for the benefit of our membership community.

Please feel free to email tennis@airporttennis.ca if you have any questions.

Thank you very much for your support!

The Airport Tennis team.
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